Electro-conductive polymeric 3D scaffolds as novel strategies for biomedical applications

ESCULAPE project is targeted to building a strong interdisciplinary partnership in order to support joint research and innovative activities in the fields of biomaterials, polymer science, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, microbiology, and medicine with the aim to explore development and implementation of new medical engineering solutions for regenerative medicine and wearable electronics.

The project will offer novel solutions (from the manufacturing stage to exploitation strategies) using MXenes, a new class of two dimensional (2D) materials consisting of transition metal carbides/carbonitrides. MXenes will be employed to modify properties and qualities of porous 3D electrospun nanoscaffolds, which will be used in tissue engineering for regenerative biomedicine and development of wearable electronics on both woven and non-woven fabrics.

The main goal of the ESCULAPE project is to build a new training partnership to develop innovative strategies to achieve advanced biomaterials with target-oriented properties (electrical conductivity, biocompatibility, etc.) that will be able to deliver specific features for regeneration of heart and nerve tissues, regulation of homeostasis in iPSCs, as well as in development of wearable electronics.

Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral secondments will be the main tool for project realisation with the aim of strengthening research, training, communication and networking capacities of participant organisations and knowledge transfer from academia to industry and vice versa. Proposed research and training goals will lead to enhance research and transferable skills of the ESRs, as well as their competences with the aim of improving competitive employability and career prospects in both academic and industrial sectors. Public dissemination of new research results will increase the awareness of general society on the role of researchers and research infrastructure in establishing the EU as a world leading R&I force.